welcome to core business

Here you will learn about the following subjects: Business Planning, Customer Experience, Marketing, Social Media, and Logistics. These courses will provide you with an understanding of agribusiness topics that we consider important for all small-scale farmers, regardless of what you produce.

We have designed the courses to be completed consecutively and so that you can progress from one course to the next with each one building on the previous. However, access to the courses is flexible and you may complete the courses in any order you like.

Each course is divided into lessons, and some of these lessons are then divided into topics. Once you have read through all the material you have the option of an assignment. While this is not compulsory we do recommend completing it. It can be done in your own time and it does not need to be submitted for formal assessing (although we can do this if you like), however we believe that the best learning is achieved through doing which is why we wanted to have an optional assignment.

The last element of each course is a quiz. Once you have worked through the quiz you will have an option to ‘Click Here To Continue’. This takes you back to the start of the completed course and from here you can navigate to the next one. Your progress is automatically saved throughout, so if you get part way through a course, lesson or topic and need to stop working don’t worry. Once you log back in to The Hub and go to the course you were working on you will see a Resume button. Simply click on this to pick up where you left off.

Good luck!