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Welcome to the Sprout Producer Program Course. This course is part of the Sprout Hub, the learning management system for Sprout.

The Sprout Producer Program Course is a magical, protected area within the Hub that has been designed just for you – the participants of the Sprout Producer Program! Only you have access to it and we have curated it to be an interactive, social community where you can discuss your learnings with your fellow participants.

This space is to be treated as your home for the program. All you need to know for the next 12 months is here, so we encourage you to regularly check in to see what’s coming up, what people are up to, and to find details for things like workshops and field days. We will also prompt you with emails, so you’ll never forget!

Within this course you can find:

  • a calendar of events detailing field days, workshops, and group hangouts.
  • information about assignments you need to complete.
  • a forum that only you have access to. This will have discussion exercises that we link to throughout the course, but it also contains topics where you can ask us and your fellow participants anything you like, and where you can share details of the highs and lows of farming.
  • and of course, all the education you will undertake as part of the program.


The Sprout Producer Program Course aims to provide you with an understanding of on-farm and off-farm topics that we consider important for all small-scale farmers, regardless of what you produce.

Unlike the main area of the Sprout Hub, the order of the content in the SPP Course has been designed to flow throughout the year and to help build a complete picture of running a small farming business.

We will go into a more detail about how it works in the first lesson, however some key points to note are:

  • Each lesson becomes available on scheduled dates, with notifications sent to you via email.
  • Your progress is automatically saved throughout, so if you get part way through a lesson or topic and need to stop working don’t worry. Once you log back in to The Hub and go to the course you were working on you will see a Resume button. Simply click on this to pick up where you left off.

are you ready to begin?

Right, let’s go. The first thing you will see are links to the SPP events calendar and the forum. By clicking on the buttons, separate tabs will open. Have an explore, but if you have any questions don’t fret – we will be looking at these in more detail shortly.

Beneath the buttons you will find all the course content. As you can see, there is quite a bit here – again, don’t worry, we will be exploring what all the content means in our first lesson.

Which is a perfect segue, as the first lesson is available! So let’s get stuck in. When you are ready, click on the Introduction to Sprout Tasmania lesson. This lesson is all about getting to know Sprout! We will run through who we are, what the program entails, and all you need to know about the Hub.

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