Customer experience – SPP

Providing excellent customer service is critical to the success of businesses in any industry, but especially in agriculture. Small scale producers will often be dealing directly with their customers so ensuring they offer excellent service can leads to customer satisfaction and loyalty. Customer service also adds value to your products and is essential for repeat customers, sales growth and sustained profitability. Whether you are operating a roadside stall, selling to retail outlets or dealing with restaurants satisfied customers are going to determine your success.

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Learning Outcomes

By the end of this online course you will have an understanding of:

  • How to identify your different customer segments
  • Applying concepts of good customer service in your dealings with your customers
  • Developing strategies to deal with each customer segment and effectively sell your products into these segments.

These strategies include:

  • Working with your customers in determining what to plant or produce
  • Setting appropriate prices for your produce
  • Working within specific industry parameters to deliver optimum customer service
  • Communicating effectively with your customer about quantity and supply issues over the season
  • Presenting your product to its best advantage to achieve maximum sales

Below you will see the course content. When you are ready, begin the course with the introduction. Once you have read through this click on mark complete to move to the next lesson.