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"The problem with regen ag is that it has been co-opted by corporations, repeating the errors of the organics movement. Organics started as a movement and became an industry, commodified and consolidated because the sector lacked a collective vision to unshackle itself from capitalist food systems." - The Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance (AFSA) -

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You are 3 months into the SPP. Congratulations, that’s one season’s worth of learning and networking!

We thought this would be a good opportunity to take a step out from the doing and have a chat around some broader concepts of the farming movement we are all part of, and some aspects of the Tasmanian small-scale farming sector.

Learning Outcomes

In this course we will look at the following:

  • The language around farming and what some of the terms actually mean
  • The differences between some of these methods and terms

We will also be examining:

  • The concept of scale and what we mean by ‘small’
  • The Tasmanian small-scale sector
  • What the future might look like for the sector

Below you will see the course content. Let’s get started!